Walt Mossberg: Windows Phone 7 Is “Inferior,” Lacking “Killer Innovation”

ballmer windows phone 7

Influential technology columnist Walt Mossberg has weighed in on Windows Phone 7 operating system.

His verdict: It’s “not fully baked.” Go buy an iPhone or Android device:

  • “I couldn’t find a killer innovation that would be likely to make iPhone or Android users envious, except possibly for dedicated Xbox users.”
  • “I see Windows Phone 7 as inferior to iPhone and Android for most average users. It’s simply not fully baked yet.”

  • “Overall, I can’t recommend Windows Phone 7 as being on a par with iPhone or Android—at least not yet. Unless you’re an Xbox Live user, or rely on Microsoft’s SharePoint corporate Web-based document system, it isn’t as good or as versatile as its rivals.”

It’s not all negative from Mossberg. He thinks Microsoft has, “come up with a user interface that is novel and attractive, that stands out from the Apple and Google approaches, and that works pretty well.” He also thinks the quick access to camera is a plus, mobile Office is well done, and Xbox integration is also nice.

But, his overall impression is that Microsoft left out crucial features and it’s still going to be playing catch up with Apple and Google. Not what Microsoft wants to hear.

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