13 Things You Never Knew About Walt Disney World

It’s a well-known fact that Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth.

From the Magic Kingdom to Epcot, the Orlando, Fla. theme park was planned in exquisite detail by both Walt Disney and his creative designers — “The Imagineers.”

But even frequent visitors to the park don’t know many of its secrets.

Author Susan Veness reveals some of that hidden magic in her book The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World. The book is chock full of fascinating facts from behind the scenes at the park. She shared some of her insider scoops with us.

The underground network also houses locker rooms, kitchens, break rooms, and the central trash collection system. YouTube user DarkSideDisney took hidden video so you can see what the tunnels look like on inside.

Source: The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World

The Morse code you hear clicking at the entrance of Frontierland isn't random — it's Walt Disney's opening-day dedication speech at Disneyland.

All the flags on Disney World's Main Street are fake, except for the one on the central courtyard flagpole. The Imagineers did this so the flags wouldn't need to be lowered or illuminated every night.

Most people think Fantasy Land was intended to have a medieval theme all along, but it actually stemmed from the 1955 opening of Disneyland in California, when Imagineers covered the unfinished parts of the park with tents. The theme stuck.

The Imagineers really thought of everything — the brown path running through Liberty Square is meant to signify where waste would have collected if it had been thrown out of windows like in the olden days.

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