A 2-year price study put Walmart and Amazon head-to-head -- and the results should terrify Amazon

Getty/Joe RaedleWalmart is closing the price gap with Amazon, one recent study found.
  • Walmart appears to be closing the price gap with Amazon online.
  • A recent price study found that Walmart’s online prices were just 0.3% higher than Amazon’s, down from a 3% premium last year.
  • Walmart is leveraging its physical stores to give shoppers more ways to save.

Amazon appears to be losing its edge in the low-price wars online.

A new price study by Market Track spanning 700 days found that Walmart’s prices online were 0.3% higher than Amazon’s on average, Reuters reported. That’s down from a 3% premium last year.

In some categories, Walmart’s prices were significantly lower than Amazon’s, the study found – wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches were 6.4% cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon this year.

Walmart has spent more than $US1 billion slashing prices last year to better compete with Amazon, which is responsible for nearly half of e-commerce sales in the US. Walmart, by comparison, generates 3.6% of all US online sales.

Walmart has also been investing in other ways to help shoppers save money, such as offering lower prices in its stores than on its website for many items. That means that in some cases, a Walmart store’s price is cheaper than one on Amazon online.

Walmart is also offering steep discounts for in-store pickup on items sold only online.

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