A former Walmart Santa has been charged with murder after his 2 children were found buried in his yard

Effingham County Police Department50-year-old Elwyn Crocker, who worked as a Santa mascot at Walmart, was charged with murder on January 28, 2019.
  • A former Walmart Santa has been charged with murder after police found his two missing 14-year-old children buried in his yard near Savannah, Georgia.
  • On Monday, Elwyn Crocker and four relatives were charged with the murder of his daughter, Mary. No charges have been brought over the death of his son, Elwyn Jnr.
  • Elwyn Crocker Jnr was buried around November 2016, police said, and Mary around October 2018. The cause of death is being investigated.
  • After the discovery, all five family members were arrested and jailed on suspicion of “concealing the death of another and cruelty to children,” police said. They now all face murder charges.
  • Crocker had worked at a Walmart in Rincon, Georgia, local media reported, and often dressed up as Santa.

A former Walmart Santa has been charged with murder after police dug up his yard and found the bodies of his missing 14-year-old kids.

Police called at the home of Elywn Crocker on December 20 after a tip-off noted his daughter and son hadn’t been seen as far back as 2016, Effingham County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia wrote on Facebook.

Police entered the family home in Guyton, just north of Savannah, and were directed to graves in the back yard by Crocker after interrogating him.

They excavated until they found two bodies, those of Mary Crocker, not seen since October 2018, and her brother Elwyn Crocker Jnr, not seen since November 2016, police said.

Crocker was charged with the murder of Mary Crocker on Monday, and has spent the last month in jail for “concealing the death of another and cruelty to children in the first degree,” according to officers.

House Crocker Georgia.WTOC NewsThe Crocker home where Sheriffs found two dead bodies on December 20.

His children’s step-mother, Candice Crocker, and step-grandmother, Kim Wright, who also live at the house, were also charged with murder. They have been in jail alongside Elwyn Crocker, charged with concealing the deaths.

Two more people were charged by police, a second statement posted on Facebook said.

Candice crockerEffingham County Police Department33-year-old Candice Crocker Crocker was also charged with the murder of 14-year-old Mary on Monday.

50-year-old Wright’s boyfriend, Roy Prater, was charged with “concealing the death of another and cruelty to children.” Candice Crocker’s brother, Mark Wright, was charged with “cruelty to children in the first degree.”

They have both now been charged with murder as well.

Roy praterEffingham County Police Department55-year-old Roy Prater was charged with concealing the death of another, cruelty to children in the first degree, and has now been charged with murder.

Officers say that when they went to the house on Rosebud Place five days before Christmas, they were told Mary had gone to live with her biological mother in South Carolina. They questioned the three residents, and became suspicious when their testimonies didn’t match up.

Police found Crocker Jnr’s grave near the cage where the family kept their dogs, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. Mary Crocker’s body was found nearby at the tree line, WTOC reported.

Crocker could often be seen with a shovel in the area where police found the bodies, a neighbour told WSAV.

Crocker used to work at a Walmart in Rincon, where he often dressed up as Santa, The Atlanta Journal Constitution said. Business Insider contacted Walmart for comment.

Authorities are currently identifying the children’s bodies and establishing a cause of death, WTOC noted.

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