You can now buy an at-home coronavirus test from Walmart’s website for as little as $99

Shopping carts in a corral in the parking lot of a Sam’s Club store in Concord, N.H., Friday, Feb. 23, 2018. Charles Krupa/AP Photo
  • Both Walmart and Sam’s Club are now selling at-home coronavirus tests online.
  • Buying the test is a three-part process, but customers can get their results in as little as 24-48 hours after a lab receives a test.
  • Walmart has also opened 600 test sites across the country since the beginning of the pandemic.
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Getting a coronavirus test from the comfort of your own home is now as easy as ordering one online from Sam’s Club or its parent company, Walmart.

The at-home tests, which start at $US99 and go up to $US135, vary in their abilities and testing methods, according to a press release. Some require the more common nasal swab or saliva test, and others can also check for the flu.

The steps to order a test are relatively simple:

  1. Buy a code that allows access to a health survey
  2. This generates a physician’s order
  3. Complete test purchase

The tests have been FDA approved and consumers in some cases can get their results within 48 hours of the lab getting the test. Some of the kits will even allow customers to receive a telehealth call if the test is positive.

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Since March, Walmart has opened over 600 drive-thru testing sites. The company also has contactless test sites Nevada, New York, and Texas. An El Paso, Texas Walmart location has enacted the use of drones to help deliver COVID-19 tests.

In November, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Walton family is backing a company trying to bring a $US10 at-home coronavirus test to consumers.

Walmart also isn’t the first retailer to make coronavirus tests available for purchase online. Earlier this year, Costco began selling $US130 coronavirus tests that could be purchased online and then sent to a testing lab. Users could get results back in 24-48 hours.

You can browse the available tests by heading to Walmart’s or Sam’s Club’s websites.