Walmart apologizes for selling a Christmas sweater that showed Santa at a table with lines of white powder and the words ‘let it snow’

Walmart Canada apologised for selling a sweater that appeared to show Santa Claus doing cocaine. Walmart Canada
  • WalmartCanada apologised for selling a Christmas sweater that appeared to show Santa Claus doing cocaine.
  • The sweater showed Santa in front of a table with three lines of a white substance and the words “Let it snow.”
  • Walmart Canada pulled the sweater from its site, along with a few other “adult” Christmas sweaters.
  • One showed Santa Claus being spanked by Mrs. Claus, while another featured Santa, naked from the waist down, in front of a fireplace alongside the words “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.”
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“Ugly” Christmas sweaters have become a quintessential part of celebrating the holiday as an adult, but Walmart Canada is apologizing for one sweater that many said went too far.

The blue sweater, designed by Fun Wear, features a wide-eyed Santa Claus sitting at a table and holding a straw. In front of him are three lines of a white substance, apparently cocaine. The words “let it snow” are below.

“We all know how snow works. It’s white, powdery and the best snow comes straight from South America,” the sweater’s description said. “That’s bad news for jolly old St. Nick, who lives far away in the North Pole.”

Walmart Christmas sweater
The sweater Walmart Canada pulled. Walmart Canada

“That’s why Santa really likes to savour the moment when he gets his hands on some quality, grade A, Colombian snow,” it continued. “He packs it in perfect lines on his coffee table and then takes a big whiff to smell the high quality aroma of the snow. It’s exactly what he needs to get inspired for Christmas Eve.”

It wasn’t the only Christmas sweater on Walmart Canada’s website to grab shoppers’ attention

One of the adult “ugly” sweaters on the site showed Santa Claus, naked from the waist down, fixing a stocking in front of a fireplace alongside the words “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.”

Walmart Christmas sweater
Another ‘adult’ Christmas sweater that was pulled from Walmart Canada’s website. Walmart Canada

Another sweater featured Santa Claus on his knees with his pants down while Mrs. Claus stands behind him with a whip.

Walmart Christmas sweater
Another sweater featured Santa being whipped by Mrs. Claus. Walmart Canada

The “Santa Probe Ugly Sweater” showed Santa lying face-down on a table with his butt exposed. An alien stands behind him, holding a stick of some sort.

Walmart Christmas sweater
This sweater featuring Santa face-down, with his butt exposed, was also pulled from the site. Walmart Canada

“If you’re going to zip around the world using flying reindeer to deliver gifts to millions of homes in a single night, you probably should expect some inquisitive aliens to eventually wonder how you can do it,” the sweater’s description read.

Some people spotted the sweaters on Walmart Canada’s website on Saturday and posted about them on Twitter.^tfw

Walmart Canada apologised and pulled the sweaters from its website

“These sweaters, sold by a third-party seller on (our website in Canada), do not represent Walmart’s values and have no place on our website,” a spokesman told Insider. “We have removed these products from our marketplace. We apologise for any unintended offence this may have caused. These sweaters were not offered on in the US.”

While those sweaters have been removed from Walmart Canada’s website, there were still some “adult” Christmas sweaters on it on Monday.

Walmart ugly Christmas sweater
This sweater of Santa with the words ‘Where my ho ho ho’s at?’ is still available on

One $US36 sweater featured Santa’s face and the words “Where my ho ho ho’s at?” while another showed Santa spanking a woman on his lap alongside the words “You’re on the naughty list.”

Walmart ugly Christmas sweater
This sweater featuring Santa Claus spanking a woman is still up on Walmart Canada’s website but no longer available to purchase.

“The front of this sweater has Santa Claus spanking the evil out of some ill-behaved woman who made the top of the naught list,” said the description for the sweater, which was listed as “unavailable” on the website.

A $US26 sweater called “Santa’s Pee Break Naughty Adult Holiday Fun” showed Santa from behind with a long gold line shooting out in front of him.

Walmart ugly Christmas sweater
A sweater that features Santa peeing.

Representatives for Walmart and Fun Wear did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.