9 mind-blowing facts about Walmart

Everyone knows that Walmart is a behemoth.
But sometimes, it becomes difficult to picture just how massive the company has become since it was founded in 1962.

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It’s one thing to say that Walmart is the biggest retailer out there, but what does that actually mean?

From the revenue it generates to the millions of people it employees, here are a few facts that capture Walmart’s enormous size:

This previous year, Walmart raked in $US514.4 billion in total revenue. That’s more than the GDP of countries like Belgium, Thailand, and Israel.

Photolibrary / Getty Images PlusBruges, Belgium.

Source: Business Insider, Walmart, Trading Economics

And all that revenue has meant a major payoff for the company’s founding family. Forbes estimated that the Waltons were collectively worth over $US155 billion as of March — that puts them just behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Source: Business Insider, Forbes

Walmart currently employs around 2.2 million associates across the globe. According to US Census data from 2017, more people work at Walmart than live in Phoenix, Arizona.

ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty ImagesPhoenix, Arizona.

Source: Business Insider, Walmart, US Census

The Washington Post found that the average Walmart associate “earns less in a year than the Walton family earns in a minute just from dividends paid on the family’s stock holdings” — a fact which Sen. Bernie Sanders has blasted as indicative of rampant income inequality.

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderSen. Bernie Sanders.

Source: The Washington Post

On the technology front, Walmart just announced its intention to unleash an army of robots into is US stores, including 1,500 floor cleaners, 300 shelf-scanners, 1,200 conveyor belts, and 900 pickup towers.

Source: Walmart, Business Insider

And the company has also made inroads with digital-native brands. Walmart’s acquired 12 different online brands since 2010, from clothing retailer ModCloth to Amazon rival Jet.com.

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty ImagesA model strikes a pose in a ModCloth outfit.

Source: Business Insider, Walmart, Business Insider

Walmart also commands a powerful global presence. The company currently boasts over 11,300 retail units …

OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty ImagesWalmart owns the Asda chain in the UK.

Source: Business Insider, Walmart

… operating under 58 banners around the planet.

Kyodo News via Getty ImagesWalmart owns Japan’s Seiyu Group.

Source: Business Insider, Walmart

Altogether, Walmart has established itself in 27 countries across the globe.

Source: Walmart

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