Walmart Is Trying To Buy Twinkies [THE BRIEF]

The company had been making 500 million Twinkies annually before Friday’s shutdown.

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Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:According to Ad Age, Walmart, Kroger and two dozen other bidders are trying to win Hostess assets. If one of the retailers were to win, it’s safe to assume one won’t be able to find Twinkies in various stores, but exclusively at, say, Walmart.

This year NORAD, the famous Santa tracking site, will be following St Nick using Bing and not Google.

BBH NY made a holiday site that puts snarky comments from ad blogs in festive e-card backgrounds.

Twitter might be working on something awfully similar to Facebook’s Open Graph.

Here’s Digital Kitchen’s attractive new branding redesign for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Agency Spy reports rumours that Euro RSCG turned Havas Worldwide Digital CEO George Gallate is leaving to lead a different privately held shop.

Century 21 Real Estate banded together with EA on The Sims Social. Century 21 had previously had a three-week in-game activation with SimCity Social on Facebook. The company’s Facebook likes jumped 225% since the start of the campaign.

The Martin Agency named 45-year-old Matt Williams, who has been at the company for 21 years, as its new CEO. John Adams will continue his role as chairman.

BMW’s new ad follows people’s journey home for the holidays.

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