I tried the $10 Walmart jeans that are all over TikTok, and they’re surprisingly similar to a more expensive pair I already own

The Walmart George Men’s Regular Fit Jeans are worth the hype they are getting on TikTok. Celia Fernandez/Insider
  • People on TikTok are having fun styling the George Men’s Regular Fit Jeans from Walmart.
  • The jeans cost $US10.44 and are available in three washes and 32 sizes.
  • I tried the Walmart jeans and found that they can easily be dressed up or down.
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TikTok is a great place to find fashion inspiration – and the latest trend will cost you just over $US10.

People have recently taken to the social-media platform to show off their love for the George Men’s Regular Fit Jeans from Walmart, which cost $US10.44 and are available in three washes and 32 sizes.

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Some TikTok users are even getting creative with the affordable pants by using shoelaces to tighten the waist or ripping them up to create a destroyed denim look.

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lputtin on the mf ritz – bigt00tz

I ordered a pair of the $US10 Walmart jeans to see what all the hype is about

The first hurdle I encountered was trying to figure out what men’s size to order. I normally wear between a women’s size 14 to 16 in jeans, so I knew my waist size would be between a 35 and 36. Since I’m 5-foot-7, I thought a 32-inch length might be the best option.

Although the light-wash jeans are the ones going viral on TikTok, I’m not a huge fan of the way the colour looks on me, so I went for the medium wash instead.

Walmart men's jeans
The George Men’s Regular Fit Jeans retail for $US10.44 Walmart

My first thought after trying them on was that these jeans are as great as TikTok users say

I knew I was going to love them from the moment I put them on because they are beyond comfortable, despite being a bit snug around my thighs. A lot of TikTok users have said that the jeans fit loose around their waists, but I didn’t run into that problem.

Walmart jeans try on
The Walmart jeans were a bit too long on me and snug around my thighs. Celia Fernandez/Insider

I would recommend taking the time to actually measure your pant length instead of just guessing. The jeans are meant to fit baggier at the bottom, but I didn’t love that they were dragging on the floor. A simple fix, though, could be to roll them or cut a portion off the bottom of each pant leg.

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ldolce and gabbana by loveboi – 60secondsoundz

I would honestly say these pants are comparable to a pair of mum jeans I have from American Eagle, which I bought for around $US50 about a year ago. If I was running around doing errands, I would easily throw these on with a pair of Birkenstocks or a pair of flats.

Walmart jeans birkenstocks and flats
These jeans pair well with flat shoes. Celia Fernandez/Insider

If I was looking to embody the effortless looks TikTok users are creating, I would pair these jeans with a white T-shirt and some Nike Air Force 1 sneakers or Vans.

Walmart jeans with vans
The Walmart jeans could easily be dressed down with a pair of sneakers. Celia Fernandez/Insider

You could even dress up these jeans with a pair of heels for an effortless date-night look.

Walmart jeans with heels
You could throw on a pair of heels if the jeans are too long. Celia Fernandez/Insider

In my opinion, the amount of wear you are going to get out of these $US10.44 jeans makes them worth every penny. You can wear them all year round and even get creative by making them your own.