Walmart employees will soon be able to get customised uniform vests — but they will have to pay for them

WalmartA Walmart employee shows off her new vest.

Walmart’s employee uniform just got an upgrade – but if you want to customise it, it will come at a cost.

The updated vests are made with a steel grey fabric made from recycled water bottles, and later this year associates can choose to customise the vests in other ways.

The retailer announced Wednesday that sales associates will soon be able to pay a “reasonable” price of $US11 to customise the new and improved vest. The new look comes on the heels of Walmart’s revised dress code policy from 2018, which now allows employees to wear jeans and sneakers on the job.

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“Our new vests have a modernised style that takes advantage of trim detail and screen printing to introduce colour in an eye-catching way,” Walmart wrote in a blog post on its company website.

Walmart vestsWalmart

The pockets are also bigger, to allow employees to carry more items while out on the floor.

Walmart green vest pocketWalmart

Supercenter and Neighbourhood Market vests will feature blue and green trim, respectively.

Self-checkout employees will be given a new yellow vest with grey trim.

“Uniforms are important, but looking exactly like everyone else isn’t,” Walmart said in its blog post. “We all want to be able to express who we are, and the new Walmart vest will allow associates to do just that.”

Walmart blue vest close upWalmart

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