This Joke Says Everything About How Much New Yorkers Hate Walmart

gaddafiMuammar Gaddafi at Damascus University in Syria

Photo: Flickr/james_gordon_losangeles

Last night, Walmart CEO Mike Duke spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan. Outside, dozens of protesters picketed against his alleged bribery scandal, worker pay and treatment of animals.

Duke definitely wasn’t in a city of supporters. New Yorkers have famously shot down letting Walmart come to town, even as Target and Kmart stores have opened.  

Bloomberg LP President Dan Doctoroff had a quip that revealed just how much New York hates Walmart. 

“First off, congratulations on making it through the enthusiastic crowds outside,” Doctoroff said to Duke before his hour-long interview. “I think that the last person who had this warm of a welcome was (Muammar) Gaddafi.”

The now-deceased Gaddafi was controversial because Westerners disapproved of his leadership in Libya and called him a dictator. 

The protesters and subsequent joke show that America’s biggest retailer is still hated by New York. 

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