An indie retailer with a cult following was reportedly acquired by Walmart -- and some customers are 'devastated'

Some customers are rebelling after news broke that the trendy clothing company ModCloth is being acquired by Walmart‘s e-commerce subsidiary. 

Jezebel first reported Wednesday that, which was bought by Walmart for $US3 billion in August 2016, had acquired the clothing company.

Customers quickly took to social media to complain about the news, arguing that ModCloth’s progressive messaging is at odds with retail giant Walmart’s business practices. 

“I’m so devastated, I’ve been shopping with Modcloth since 2008. I also stopped shopping at Walmart around that time,” wrote one of dozens of upset customers on ModCloth’s Facebook page. “Walmart has horrid business practices, doesn’t believe in the power of a union, and refuses to give their employees anywhere near a living wage. I’m sorry, even if they’re your parent company — I cannot in good standing support your business anymore.” 

“I will not support [Walmart] as they are a horrible company that I have not shopped at because of their practices,”  wrote another. “You were inclusive, unique and independent. You are selling out to a company that has policies to keep their employees on government assistance. I will not support them.”

In the comments of the Jezebel story breaking the news, ModCloth shoppers were already researching alternative retailers that sell vintage-inspired garb. 

Walmart, the country’s largest retailer, has been slammed by critics for its low pay and anti-union tactics. The company raised its corporate minimum wage from $US9 to $US10 in 2015. 

Since it was launched in 2002, ModCloth has gained a reputation for its inclusive, pro-feminist business practices. The retailer found fans with its plus size offerings, and co-founders Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger have been vocal about their progressive, anti-Trump political views. 

ModCloth didn’t respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. 

Meanwhile, Walmart has been eager to expand its e-commerce offerings in an effort to compete with Amazon. Buying was a major part of this plan, and the reported ModCloth acquisition would add another key online retailer to the retail giant’s portfolio  — if customers are willing to keep shopping at the indie retailer under its new ownership. 

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