Walmart Is Betting On A Huge Holiday Season This Year

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Photo: Flickr / StephenMcleod

The Walmart investor conference is in full swing and there are a ton of things to take away from all the figures being tossed around.But NBG Productions chief equities analyst Brian Sozzi says that there’s one thing that really warrants everybody’s attention:

The bullishness on U.S. for the holidays.

Here are the specifics from Sozzi:

“[Walmart] has bought ‘deep’ in TVs (50 inch specifically mentioned), iPads, and other key holiday items (Furbys). 

Basically, Walmart is betting on a pretty robust holiday season. The tone around this, and the investment, was surprising to hear even considering that I had a buy on the stock since the last earnings release in August/thought they would be a go to destination for holidays. But, it does present some newfound risk to profits should fiscal cliff begin to dent confidence.” 

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