This Corporate Wal-Mart Office In Brazil Is Totally Gorgeous

The São Paulo, Brazil, headquarters of — full of beach chairs, game rooms and a rooftop golf course — recently won ArchDaily’s Building of The Year award for best interior architecture.

The architecture news website had its readers vote for the best buildings in 14 categories, choosing from hundreds of spaces constructed in 2013.

Brazilian architects at Estudio Guto Requena designed the Walmart office based on interviews with company employees, who answered questions about digital culture, the brand and Brazilian identity. That led to an office filled with primary colours and inspired by the outdoors.

The headquarters in São Paulo occupies five floors and close to 11,000 square feet.

Each floor has a different colour scheme. The yellow floor has Walmart's logo hanging from the ceiling.

Each floor uses a different predominant wood: Pine, OSB, Eucalyptus or Masisa Zurich.

Employee desks surround the central wooden room on each floor.

Picnics are a big part of Brazilian culture. The carpet pattern mimics a picnic blanket.

The architects emphasised easy-to-navigate spaces.

This shelf lists company ideals like 'Service.'

Architects at Estudio Guto Requena wanted to create a comfortable, pleasant and informal work environment.

One of the employee cafeterias includes all the colours from Wal-Mart's official palate: yellow, blue, green and orange.

A handful of boardrooms fill the central wooden rooms on each floor.

Employee lounges have beach chairs and look like the patios and balconies of Brazilian homes.

Guto Requena opted for a sparse lighting design, placing the workstations alongside long windows that receive a lot of daylight.

The office is full of greenery and recreated outdoor cafes for employees to gather.

Meeting areas are lined with art.

The green floor has a game room in the center.

Employees can relax on the terrace or the company can host small events on the grandstand seating that faces the building's facade.

Each floor has a differently shaped central wooden room.

The lounges and workstations surround the central room.

The orange floor has a lounge and video game station in its center.

Rocking chairs are popular in Brazil and round out this office's collection of outdoor chairs.

And here's a look at the schematics for the office.

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