Wallstreet.com Worth $10 Million? More Than Sex.com?

The domain will be worth what anything else is worth–what someone will pay for it.  And we’ll soon find out what that is!  Let the bidding begin…

The website address Wallstreet.com is set to go on sale today in an auction that is expected to rival the record sale price fetched by Porn.com. Wallstreet.com will go under the hammer with an opening bid range of $1m-$5m at Moniker.com, a domain name auctioneer based in Florida.

The [$9.5m] sale of Porn.com in March to MXN, an internet media and investment firm, was the largest all-cash domain transaction in history. It is the second largest domain sale overall after Sex.com, which reportedly sold for $12m in cash and stock during a private sale in January 2005.