Congratulations Walle, The New Ugliest Dog In The World

WALLE WINS! world's ugliest dog contest 2013

A new winner of the annual Ugliest Dog Contest in California was crowned this weekend — a sweet, four-year-old mutt mix name Walle.

He may look normal in the above picture, but the part beagle, basset, and boxer mix looks a bit stranger in person with his huge head, hump back, and duck waddle walk.

Those are exactly the traits that helped Walle stand out from the 29 other contenders this year at the 25th anniversary of the competition.

Said Judge Brian Sobel of this year’s winner, “This dog looked like he’s been photo shopped with pieces from various dogs and maybe a few other animals.”

Walle and his owner Tammie Barbee walked away with $1,500 for winning the title as well as a trophy. Walle will also appear in the new book World’s Ugliest Dogs: The Official World’s Ugliest Dog Book.

Aside from his bad hair day, Scamp is actually adorable.

Who doesn't love Boolah and his lopsided tongue?

Chupee is looking a little sceptical of his sweater.

Creature refused to have braces as a pre-teen, thinking it would make him look uncool.

Samson is pretty annoyed that you just woke him up.

Icky doesn't want you to go — he already misses you!

Monkey Man lets his hair blow wildly in the breeze.

Rue is a sweet, coy little pup.

The lighting was perfect for Princess Abby's portrait.

Personally, I think Rascal was robbed of this year's title.

And the winner Walle, complete with his hump back and duck feet.

Can't get enough of man's best friend?

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