Help Us Figure Out The Most Obnoxious Wall Street Bar

night at the roxbury

Photo: YouTube

Money can’t buy you class.And while when it comes to showing clients around, Wall Street has luxe New York City on lock, there are other times when bankers just want to kick back and do something fun.

That’s where things get hairy. Not all bars frequented by Wall Streeters are created equal. Some are sporty, some are cosmopolitan, some are divey.

Others are just obnoxious.

We’re trying to find which ones take the cake in that respect.

We’ve compiled a few options for you to rank in the survey below, but we will give heavy consideration to any nominations (e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] to submit).

We welcome you to try to defend your favourite bar too. But don’t be surprised if you look around one night and finally realise — “wow, this place is totally obnoxious.”

Check out the survey below:

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