What you need to know on Wall Street right now

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It’s official: The Chicago Board of Options has agreed to buy Bats Global Markets in a $3.2 billion deal. The deal is huge news for the CBOE and Bats, but it is also great for a tiny boutique investment bank.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set to face off directly onstage for the first time Monday night in front of what’s expected to be perhaps the largest television debate audience of all time. Goldman Sachs has said Trump vs. Clinton is the biggest fight since Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Here’s where the two of them stand on the economy.

Wells Fargo still has some explaining to do, according to CLSA analyst Mike Mayo. Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch are cutting jobs in Asia. And HSBC has released a rap video to attract graduate recruits.

One of Bank of America’s top staff went on leave, and now he’s not going back. His decision not to return to the bank officially crowns one of the most senior women in finance.

Here’s how much the top Wall Street banks have earned in fees this year. Looking at the sums involved, it’s clear that there is really only one investment banking business to be in right now.

A 28-year-old raised $75 million for his new hedge fund, and a legendary investor thinks electric cars will raise the price of oil.

Business Insider’s Biz Carson broke the news on Friday night that Snapchat was close to launching sunglasses with a video camera inside of them. It was later announced that the company is changing its name to Snap Inc. and will sell its Spectacles for $129. Signs are already popping up teasing the new product.

The maker of EpiPen, pharmaceutical company Mylan, is now saying that it understated the profits it derives from the life-saving drug by 60% in a Congressional hearing last week. And Pfizer has said it won’t split in two.

In markets news, OPEC is holding much-buzzed-about informal talks in Algiers, and oil is rallying.

Business Insider France and Business Insider Netherlands both launched today.

Lastly, here are the
22 hot cars we can’t wait to see at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday:

Business executives in Texas say the US economy is still a ‘big concern’ The Dallas Federal Reserve’s manufacturing activity index for September was -3.7.

OPPENHEIMER: Twitter doesn’t make sense at this price After news emerged Friday that Twitter might be close to a sale, shares of the social-media company shot up 22% in trading, going from just over $18.50 a share to more than $22 a share.

The ‘new housing crisis’ is already slowly being solved The US housing market looks very different from its shape in 2008.

How an inspirational tea bag changed this Bank of America exec’s career – Climate change, and mankind’s attempt to slow it down, is becoming one of the big investing themes of the 21st century.

A firm with 20 people could make a $3 billion profit – Cortec Group is poised to make a killing on its investment in a cooler maker if it successfully goes public.

BofA to pay $12.5 million SEC fine for causing ‘mini-flash crashes’ – Bank of America agreed to pay a $12.5 million fine to settle US regulatory charges that its Merrill Lynch unit’s controls failed to prevent erroneous trading orders, causing “mini-flash crashes” in companies’ stocks.