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Wall Street trading desks need a new fitness routine. They’re bloated, and they need to get leaner as costs rise and revenues fall.

A senior Deutsche Bank exec in Hong Kong has been sentenced to prison over a fatal car crash. BBVA’s $250 million fintech fund is backing a startup offering a “cafeteria-style menu” for health insurance.

And Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the stricken Italian lender, will cut about 2,600 workers as part of accelerated plans to overhaul the bank.

AT&T’s CEO should think twice before going through with the Time Warner deal, according to Business Insider’s Dan Bobkoff. Here’s why Goldman Sachs missed out on the biggest deal of the year. And T-Mobile could be the next big takeover target.

Short-seller Andrew Left gave us his post-election play. Vancouver’s housing bubble has popped and “the helium is coming out of the balloon,” according to David Rosenberg. And the probability of a market crash is “as high as it’s ever been,” according to Jesse Felder.

Artificial intelligence programs are taking on stock market cheats. A hedge fund manager who retired at 36 says stay away from the industry. And here’s what a Trump or Clinton victory means for the markets.

This is the worst mistake everybody makes when cooking steak, according to Anthony Bourdain.

And lastly, here are the 50 best movies of all time, according to critics on Metacritic.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday

Outrage over the price of the EpiPen may have actually led to more prescriptions for the device – One side effect of all that fury over the price of the EpiPen: a jump in prescriptions for the drug.

Venezuela’s small win won’t help it in the long run – Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA announced on Monday the results of a bond swap, in which creditors holding $2.8 billion of debt agreed to swap their holdings for $3.4 billion of new bonds maturing in 2020.

Caterpillar is keeping the global economy on watch Caterpillar lowered its outlook for profit this year when it reported third-quarter earnings results on Tuesday.

The housing market is getting more frustrating – Two sets of US housing market data were released on Tuesday, and both showed that prices are still on the rise.

There’s “something bad on the horizon,” and the average investor should get out of the way – The average Joe needs to get out of the markets, former hedge fund manager Raoul Pal says.

There’s a disturbing divide between Wall Street and the US auto industry General Motors reported earnings on Tuesday, and they beat analysts expectation by a solid margin.

Sprint is sliding despite topping estimates and raising guidance – Sprint reported earnings with a smaller than expected loss Tuesday after posting its first year-over-year revenue gain in two years.

Tesla’s big solar roof unveiling will happen on Friday – Tesla has been hyping up its solar roof product for some time, and the official unveiling is finally near.

Under Armour plunges after warning that future sales growth may stink Under Armour shares sank by as much as 14% in early trading on Tuesday after the company beat third-quarter profit expectations but warned about future sales growth.

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