Martin Shkreli, negative yields and Twitter

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A handful of huge investors have been saving up, and now everyone wants to know when they are going to start breaking in to their piggybanks.

Private equity firms have a mountain of dry powder, and Wall Street analysts are asking when they’re going to start spending more of that money.

The private equity firms seem non-committal.

Lending standards for business loans are getting tighter, and that could spell bad news for the US economy.

According to recent data from the Conference Board, the number of Americans indicating that they plan to buy a home in the next six months is at historic levels.

Martin Shkreli, the pharma bro everyone loves to hate, may face new charges.

Everyone’s talking about this insane chart that shows the percentage of bonds yielding less than zero.

And here is some news on Business Insider itself: We’re announcing a boatload of promotions and a new US editorial leadership team.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday:

BANK OF AMERICA: We’ve never seen investors rush to sell stocks like this before Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s big-money equity investor clients are rushing for the exits.

April auto sales are looking strong so far It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and so that means the big carmakers are reporting their sales numbers throughout the day.

Twitter just collapsed to an all-time low In early trading on Tuesday the stock fell 3% to as low as $13.90 a share, a level it had not reached since the company went public in November 2013.

South Africa’s latest great sign is actually really misleading — South Africa has stunned the markets with a surprisingly good purchasing managers’ index reading.

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on Jim Cramer’s TV show to tell investors they got it all wrong Apple reported its first quarterly sales drop since 2003 last week, and its stock has been taking a beating ever since.

We tried the $150 ‘platinum’ doughnut that’s infused with tequila — here’s how it tasted — Introducing the next level in luxury desserts: the $150 silver-and-platinum-coated tequila doughnut.

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