VERIZON BUYS YAHOO: What you need to know on Wall Street right now

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Verizon has bought Yahoo for $4.83 billion. Here are the headlines:

In other news, business leaders in Texas can’t find workers who can follow directions and do simple maths, and a deal between a star NFL linebacker and a nutrition startup shows the future of athlete endorsements.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday:

A hedge fund manager named his No. 1 short position, and it highlights why everyone is freaking out about Europe — Europe’s banks have been having a tough time.

There’s something surreal going on in the market — The bond market has exploded in size, and yet market-makers — firms charged with making sure buyers and sellers can get the trades they need — are holding fewer bonds on their balance sheet, making life difficult for investors looking to make big trades.

MORGAN STANLEY: These 7 stocks are going up soon It’s earnings season, and some stocks will inevitably beat expectations.

Malcolm Gladwell tells us about his beef with billionaires, police violence, and how his new hit podcast lets him explore issues in ways his books can’t Malcolm Gladwell is angry, and he wants you to know why.

Stunning photos give a totally unexpected perspective into how the 1% parties In the introduction to “Privilege,” style writer Glenn O’Brien describes photographer Jessica Craig-Martin as a “master (or perhaps we can still say mistress in this context) of the dark side of the glamour world and society pages.”

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