PRIME FINANCE: The US labour market is on fire

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The US labour market is on fire.

In December the US economy added 292,000 jobs, with the unemployment rate holding steady at 5%, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Still, there is one part of the economy which continues to bleed jobs: mining.

In China news, Business Insider managed to wangle a copy of star China analyst Charlene Chu’s 46-page roadmap report. Here is Chu on investors’ waning confidence in China’s policymakers, slumping secondary industry output, and the new playbook for China’s leadership.

Elsewhere, b
ankers are scrambling to get in on what could be the biggest deal of all time, and they’re practicing their poker face ahead of bonus season.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday –

Betting on unicorns last year was basically like flipping a coin – Investing in Silicon Valley “unicorns” — startups valued at $1 billion or more — used to be a sure bet.

Here’s the psychological insight the producers of new TV drama ‘Billions’ took away from a $2,000 dinner with a billionaire – The highly anticipated television series, “Billions,” will premiere on Showtime.

Goldman Sachs rethinks its stock market outlook because of something that hasn’t happened in at least 48 years – Just a few weeks ago, analysts were comfortable assuming that oil prices would finally stabilise and perhaps begin to recover in 2016. But that once reasonable assumption on Wall Street is turning into a disaster.

Here is Donald Trump’s tremendous advice for investing in the stock market right now – “Be very conservative, because it could be very rough out there,” Trump said. “And who can fix things better than me?”

Bill Gross went to see ‘The Big Short’ and thinks the same thing is happening all over again – Billionaire bond investor Bill Gross is bearish, and he keeps finding different ways to get the message across.

Silicon Valley is going to be visiting Wall Street more often – We all know tech initial public offerings, or IPOs, were a bust in 2015.

A cold chill is blowing through the bond market – It is getting chilly out there.

Elsewhere on the web –

How Valeant Tripled Prices, Doubled Sales of Flatlining Drug – Bloomberg

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