FINANCE INSIDER: The Bill Ackman problem everyone forgot about

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The hedge fund industry has a problem: There are too many hedge funds.

That’s according to a Barclays survey, released this week, of 340 investors managing $8 trillion in total. The survey also found out that hedge funds may have a point when they whine about how hard their job is.

Elsewhere in hedge fund news, the Bill Ackman problem everyone forgot about is coming back to bite him and Valeant.

Like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz before him, Donald Trump is pledging 4% GDP growth. And Carl Icahn thinks Trump’s speech outlining his new economic plan was “great.”

The breakout tech IPO of 2016 reported its first ever earnings — and beat expectations. There is “a pretty broad swath of deals ready for launch,” according to a top IPO banker.

Netflix has a problem, according to a $9 billion hedge fund. The firm also has a new explanation for bad US subscriber growth: the Olympics.

Americans have $12.29 trillion of debt — here’s what it looks like. And America’s worst borrowers are grabbing credit cards like it’s 2006.

The CFA Level 3 results are in.

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