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The US economy added 255,000 jobs in July. Here’s what you need to know:

Elsewhere, Bristol-Myers shares are bombing after a failed study — and its biggest rival is surging.

One analyst’s epic Twitter rant reminded everyone what Wall Street research is really for. Real estate prices could drop by 5%. And here’s what happens to the stock market during the Olympics.

2 ‘high-functioning weirdos’ built an investing business that’s changing Wall Street.

And finally, some of Goldman Sachs’ most senior staff played wiffle ball, and it got real competitive.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday: BLACK SWAN FUND: 'There's going to be chaos' - London-based hedge fund 36 South Capital Advisors makes buckets of money when markets go haywire. Jerry Haworth, the firm's CEO, is ready, and waiting expectantly. Jet.com's potential $3 billion sale to Walmart shows a new trend shaking up the e-commerce space - The e-commerce store Jet.com is reported to be in talks to be sold to Walmart for $3 billion. Jeff Bezos just sold a boatload of Amazon stock - Jeff Bezos just got a nice payday. Mark Carney has drawn a line in the sand that could make other central bankers look stupid - Mark Carney said something yesterday that should cause angst among other European central banks. Hampton Creek CEO on mayo buyback: 'Of course I would do it again' - Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick fired back on Friday at a recent report that his startup, Hampton Creek, had sent undercover teams to buy its own products and call in to stores pretending to be consumers interested in the mayo. Toyota's hydrogen-powered car wants to be the alternative to plug-ins, but there's one major drawback - Right now, if you want an alternative-fuel vehicle, you have to pick from offerings that either require gasoline or an electrical outlet. Experts say these are the 20 best beers in the world - In honour of International Beer Day on August 5, the beer-rating and -review site RateBeer.com has curated a list of the top beers in the world.

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