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The EpiPen controversy shows no sign of slowing down. Here are the headlines:

In another long running saga, Carl Icahn said on Friday that he is sticking with his Herbalife investment, contrary to what Bill Ackman had said earlier in the day. Icahn said that he had not sold any of his shares in the nutrition company and in fact upped his position by 2.3 million shares on Friday.

“I’m sure his unsubstantiated, obsessive comments, especially about Herbalife, have cost investors a great deal of money over the last few years,” Icahn said of Ackman.

In related news, Business Insider was the first to report that one of the key men behind Ackman’s bet on Valeant is leaving Pershing Square to launch a healthcare startup.

Giant hedge fund Bridgewater just released a series of videos that looks like something Facebook or Google would produce, and stock analysts are predicting their own grim fate.

Here’s how to tell whether your trading job is going to be made redundant, and here’s why America’s newest stock exchange is preparing for failure.

In economics news, there’s great news for some of the poorest workers in America, and business leaders in Texas say workers are getting too expensive.

In tech news, Apple sent out invitations for the iPhone 7 event on September 7, and Tim Cook cashed in $36 million in Apple stock.

Finally, Bugatti Chiron is a $2.6 million piece of automotive art that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday:

An economist figured out how much Clinton’s plan to save the world from runaway climate change would actually cost Our climate is changing. There’s no scientific debate about this.

The ‘Amazon threat’ is still crushing malls — Amazon and its e-commerce brethren just keeps eating into the retail pie.

Tesla’s vision of an all-electric car future is still years off Tesla made history Tuesday when it announced a new battery upgrade that allows the Tesla Model S with Ludicrous to drive 315 miles on a single charge, but as many have already noticed, very few will be able to experience it.

Gold is doing something it’s only done twice in the past decade — Gold may be worth more than what traders have decided is the spot price.

JIM ROGERS: ‘If we all bought North Korean currency, we’d all be rich someday’ Jim Rogers is nothing if not a contrarian, and one of his boldest moves is trying to bet on North Korea.

An abandoned 130-year-old skyscraper is now Manhattan’s newest luxury hotel The Beekman Hotel opened last week in Manhattan’s Financial District after more than two years of renovation. And it looks gorgeous.

Amtrak will start using high-speed trains in 2021 Amtrak is stepping into the future.

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