FINANCE INSIDER: Goldman whiffs

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images.

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Goldman Sachs was the last major Wall Street bank to report first-quarter earnings, and it was a big whiff.

Profit crashed 59.9% from a year ago, and revenues were down 33%.

CEO Lloyd Blankfein cited a challenging operating environment and said virtually every business faced headwinds during the quarter.

But some analysts have started to ask when investment banks like Goldman Sachs will stop “waiting for the tide to come in” and start proactively seeking out alternatives, like acquisitions, to grow revenues and earnings.

To that, Goldman says, it is “open-minded.”

In deals news, JPMorgan and a tiny boutique bank are advising Saudi Arabia on what could be the biggest deal of all time.

And the Chinese company behind the biggest takeover of the year also tried to bust up Shell’s megadeal for BG Group.

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