Wall Street's Gigantic Advantage On Dodd-Frank In Two Charts

Three years on, federal regulators are still figuring out how to implement and interpret the Dodd-Frank reform legislation.

Thankfully for Wall Street, big banks and their lobbyists have been there every step of the way.

This graphic from the Sunlight Foundation visualizes all active organisations and their cumulative meetings with federal regulators from June 2010 to June 2013.

With 222 meetings, Goldman Sachs topped the list. JP Morgan came in at a close second, with 207 meetings.

Those two banks alone participated in 50% more meetings than the top 20 most active pro-reform groups combined, according to the report.

“In the 152 weeks our data cover, we find 59 weeks in which regulators met with financial sector representatives at least once every single day (Monday through Friday), and 47 weeks in which they met with financial sector representatives at least four times,” writes Lee Drutman.

Financial institutions, especially the big banks, are dogged and ubiquitous. “Pro-reform groups are stretched thin. Lawyers and lobbyists are also active participants, primarily representing the banks,” according to the report “A number of other corporations show up frequently, most commonly in the energy and agro-business sectors, where derivatives and other market hedges are common practice.”

Sunlight Foundation
dodd frank sunlight foundation

Read the full report, and see more graphics, at the Sunlight Foundation>

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