Some Laid-Off Wall Streeters Are Becoming Taxi Drivers And Handing Out Their Resume To Prospective Employers


Photo: Ray Wert via JALOPNIK

As massive job cuts continue to hit Wall Street firms, a few recently laid off Wall Streeters are getting behind the wheel of a yellow cab as a taxi driver. From the New York Times:

The number of licensed city cabbies has risen by 10 per cent since the stock market began its decline in late 2007, according to the Taxi and Limousine Commission. licence renewals are up, too, officials said, suggesting that drivers who used to move on to higher-paying jobs are sticking with the hack trade for now.

It’s not a completely bad idea. 

It’s convenient because not only are they still earning an income, but they can post their resume in the back seat, or tell people people who look like potential employers to ask them about their resume, which they keep on hand. 


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