Meet The ‘Wall Street Wife’ Who Bakes And Sells Giant Half-Pound Cookies

Lisa Najarian
Lisa Najarian

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Lisa Najarian, a cast member on potential new reality television series “Wall Street Wives,” has been working with quite a bit of dough these days.Cookie dough, that is.

Two years ago, the wife of trader and CNBC “Fast Money” contributor Pete Najarian founded New Canaan, Connecticut-based Loopie Doop’s Cookies, which is known for its giant half-pound cookies.

The initial idea for Loopie Doop’s started a few years back when Najarian’s daughter began playing volleyball as a freshman in high school.

One day Najarian decided to bake the players a batch of the massive half-pound cookies to eat after a game. The gigantic cookies became an instant hit with the girls and turned into a post game tradition.

Little did she know at the time that her big treats would turn into a business opportunity.

“A mum said to me after the second year ‘Will you please make these cookies and sell them in town?'”

Najarian started small, selling the cookies at a sidewalk sale.  Now she operates Loopie Doop’s out of a 5,000 square foot rented commercial kitchen space and sells the cookies in five local stores and online.

Loopie Doop’s are available in just three flavours (Triple Threat, Raisin the Bar and Nuts for Berry White) all of which are recipes Najarian created.

“I was one of those kids when I was little that would take the spices out of my mum’s cupboard and fridge and see if it tastes good,” she said. 

“I put stuff together that I think is going to taste good.”

Najarian admits that her husband Pete loves her cookies, and she uses him as a tester for her product.

“If I make a mistake or something I’ll say ‘Will you taste this?'” she said, adding, “He’ll go ‘You know what they’re still really good.'”

And here’s how the cookies came to be called Loopie Doops. Najarian got the name from her father-in-law.

“The Najarians are notorious for mispronouncing names,” she explained.

Najarian, whose maiden name is London, was called “Lisa Loopner” by her husband’s father after Gilda Radner’s character in the 1980s Saturday Night Live comedy sketch “Nerds” so he could remember her name.  That name eventually became “Loop, Loopie, Lupner, Loopie Doop,” she recounted. 

Najarian, who promotes Loopie Doop’s on social media sites to reach customers, has big dreams for her big cookies.

“I’d really love for somebody big like, oh my gosh, like Pepsi or I’d like to see somebody big to buy me out and take my cookies and make it into their brand.”

Najarian, who describes her family financially as “middle of the road,” also hopes to garner publicity from “Wall Street Wives,” which is currently shopping itself to two networks.

But shows like these can be tricky.

“I don’t know if I want people to hate me,” she said, “I also have the risk of people loving me and people loving my cookies.”

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