UPDATED: Readers Sent In These Badass Pictures Of Their Trading Desks

trading desk

A month or so ago, we asked you what your second home looks like — your trading desk.

We know that you spend hours squinting in front of monitors coming up with ideas and making decisions, so the place has to feel comfortable. It has to give you energy.

It has to be awesome in its own special way.

You guys responded by sending us pictures of your own personal Think Tanks. And sure enough, though they were all different in many ways, there were some pretty cool desks in there.

With this kind of thing, the devil is in the details. Now check out the desks.

This cluster of monitors is totally home made and we love it!

Simple, clean set up. News on the side. Good call.

Are you jealous yet?

This is a VERY clean desk.

This desk is awesome wood, and that's clearly a plush chair. Nice TV above too.

Program? Indeed.

The way the monitors are positioned, it feels like you're immersed in trading. Awesome.

Spacious, and good lighting.

We like this news monitor on the top.

Two words: The view.

First off, these traders sent this picture from Australia at 4AM. Secondly, they're reading BI. Love it.

Holy monitors!

This was sent to us by a badass 72-year-old trader who built this desk himself. He also sees deer and other wildlife outside his window. Very cool.

BONUS: Someone sent in their dream desk

Once you have the desk, you need the accessories to go with it>

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