Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel and fried chicken: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ON WALL STREET TODAY

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Goldman Sachs has discovered something important about its employees: they want more feedback on how they’re doing.

The firm is overhauling the way it gives feedback following an internal survey that highlighted that desire.

Peter Thiel, the billionaire cofounder of PayPal and Facebook board member, has been anonymously funding lawsuits targeting the media company Gawker. That has a whole bunch of people feeling uncomfortable.

Japan’s prime minister is warning world leaders about a ‘Lehman-scale crisis’, and Donald Trump on Thursday reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for president.

There’s one overlooked industry at the heart of all of our modern conveniences. The Abercrombie & Fitch chairman says some customers are too afraid to shop. And Apple reportedly explored the idea of making a bid to buy Time Warner.

Twilio is going public, lifting the tech IPO drought, and Snapchat has quietly added an IPO specialist to its board. Insiders tell us that Domo, the $2 billion startup that came out of nowhere, is full of hype.

Here’s the biggest problem in the bond market explained with the help of fried chicken.

And lastly, here are 20 resorts and villas where you can have a private island practically all to yourself.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday:

Citi was fined $425 million for rate manipulation — here are the secret trader transcripts The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission fined Citibank a combined $425 million (£288.5 million) on Wednesday to settle various rate-fixing allegations from 2007 to 2012.

Struggling energy companies are getting money from an unlikely source Banks have been pulling back from lending to energy companies. Hedge funds and buyout firms have been stepping in to fill the void.

The amazing story of how a Navy pilot-turned-Superbowl winner made it on Wall Street ― Phil McConkey is not your average Wall Streeter.

LACY HUNT: Debt is hurtling the US toward an economic crisis ― Hunt, one of the leaders of Hoisington Investment Management, which manages over $4 billion, said the increasing debt among corporations and the government was going to take the country down a worrying path.

Sears is losing its last hope for staying in business ― Sales are continuing to fall, and the company’s one hope for survival — its home-appliances business — is now in decline.

9 reasons why driving a supercar isn’t as cool as you think Ah, supercars! The Thoroughbreds of the automotive world — they can cost millions, they go very fast, and they attract plenty of attention in traffic and when pulling up to valet lines.

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