Monsanto, Valeant and Goldman Sachs: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ON WALL STREET

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The German pharmaceutical giant Bayer has made a $62 billion bid for the US seed company Monsanto — and five banks stand to make nearly $400 million from the deal.

One of the firms involved, Ducera Partners, is a small boutique that launched just last year.

Valeant’s new CEO was talking at a UBS healthcare conference this morning, and the topic of drug price increases came up. “Did we do that? Yes. Was it a mistake? Yes,” he said.

Deloitte just trashed the hype around a $180 billion fintech market. JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon says there is one specific area of banking that’s ‘open to attack’ from tech companies.

And here’s why JPMorgan may have taken over your Snapchat feed this weekend.

This is what Jim Chanos says he’s telling his clients about China right now. Nigeria is headed for a “full-blown economic crisis”. And things are already getting ugly for Brazil’s new president.

And these are the 21 stocks that matter most to hedge funds.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday:

One chart from Goldman Sachs shows why the oil industry is trapped After collapsing to start 2016, oil prices have climbed back in recent weeks to nearly $50 a barrel.

There may be a ‘new normal’ for a $3.5 trillion industry The runaway growth story on Wall Street is starting to slow. Private equity firms have enjoyed startling growth over the past few years, but the growth curve is about to flatten.

Millennials have an entirely different approach to investing than their parents We’ve all heard of the #YOLO lifestyle. But when it comes to investing, millennials aren’t ready to take on you-only-live-once kind of risk.

Forget earnings — dividends have been the hottest stock market measuring stick Forget earnings — stock market returns have been all about dividends lately.

American companies are ‘masking’ a $6.6 trillion mountain of debt ― Debt can be a good thing. It gets the wheels of the economy moving.Too much debt, however, can be a bit of a problem.

This is the ‘world’s cheapest currency’ ― It’s the Polish zloty.

4 big mistakes guys make with their business attire, according to a menswear expert ― Menswear expert G. Bryce Boyer has some advice for men who wear business attire every day. And that advice might be hard to hear in some cases.

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