Janet Yellen, Saudi Aramco and JPMorgan: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ON WALL STREET TODAY

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The Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates again.

Probably sooner than you — or at least the market — think.

In a speech in Philadelphia on Monday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen, speaking for the final time before the Fed’s June 15 meeting, said that another interest rate hike from the Fed does not require the central bank meet both parts of its dual mandate first.

She also had the perfect response to a question about Donald Trump causing a global economic crisis.

It turns out that he miserable jobs report on Friday might’ve actually been great news. Basically, there aren’t many jobs added because there aren’t as many people in need of a job.

Summer is coming and green bonds are blooming. Here’s why Saudi Aramco’s IPO could wreak havoc in the oil markets. And here’s the cancer data that led AbbVie to make the 2nd-largest acquisition in the history of venture capital.

We could be set for a ‘brave new world’ of stock trading, and there’s a big question facing fintech startups — can they make any money?

Passive investing is taking over the money-management world, and mutual fund managers are going to have to evolve. In related news, Morgan Stanley is trying to get in to the ETF business.

Goldman Sachs just netted a big profit in one of its most promising businesses, selling minority stakes in several hedge funds for a healthy profit.

JPMorgan just relaxed its office dress code. But beware: your bank’s new casual dress code doesn’t mean what you think it means.

This is how much you can hope to earn on Wall Street based on your degree.

And this app wants to be the ultimate social network for golfers.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines at midday:

There’s a $56 trillion market that could be the biggest in the ‘history of commerce’ Occasionally, there comes along an opportunity so gigantic, it would be hard to miss.

A hedge fund favourite is ‘wildly overpriced’ Chinese retailer JD.com has become a hedge fund darling.

HSBC: Stocks look like they could ‘melt up’ — Stock are going up and to the right, according to the technical analysis team at HSBC.

DAVID ROSENBERG: I don’t want to alarm anyone but … — Before getting into the details of the jobs report, let me just quickly state the broad conclusions up front.

The nastiest feud in the airline business has reached soap-opera-worthy levels Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight to Atlanta this week wasn’t just the airline’s first trip to the world’s busiest airport.

23 glamorous photos of the most champagne-soaked event of the summer More than 8,000 celebrities, champagne lovers, and otherwise stylish people turned out to Liberty State Park in Jersey City for the ninth-annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Saturday afternoon.

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