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You could say it comes with the territory: As CEO of Allergan, Brent Saunders once received Botox injections onstage. At just 46, he already has fewer wrinkles than most leaders of pharmaceutical companies.

For our series, The Price of Profits, we sat down with Saunders at the Business Insider office.

Here’s what he had to say about drug prices, inversions, and why Carl Icahn is not a threat to his long-term plans.

The June jobs report crushed expectations, with wage growth at its highest rate since the Great Recession. Markets are shrugging it off as if it means nothing for the Fed, however.

Meanwhile, Canada’s jobs report was not great.

The bond market just did something that hasn’t happened since 1956.

Elizabeth Holmes has been barred from the lab industry for 2 years — and Theranos’ future is in doubt.

A hedge funder was fired after a massive Hamptons party that got him banned from Airbnb.

And finally, forget Wimbledon — Wall Street’s best tennis players are taking on Europe’s financial elite in London this weekend.

Here’s the best of the rest in Wall Street headlines today:

The hero of ‘The Big Short’ perfectly explained why you shouldn’t try to be the next Warren Buffett As a novice investor — heck, even as a professional — it is always helpful to take wisdom from some of the legendary investors.

MORGAN STANLEY: There’s a 40% chance of a global recession in the next year The US investment bank raised its estimate on the probability from 30%, because of Brexit and the political and economic instability of its aftermath.

The bond market is ‘throwing a curveball’ – This could help settle one of the biggest debates in the bond market right now.

Goldman Sachs hires former EU chief Barroso – Goldman Sachs has hired the former head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso as an advisor and non-executive chairman of its international unit.

This might be the most bearish thing we’ve read about Apple so far – Analysts at Oppenheimer are lowering their view of Apple. Again.

A Blackstone managing director’s big ‘aha’ moment changed how she viewed her career Promotions don’t come easily — Joan Solotar learned the hard way.

‘We had a gem here and I think we’ve just smashed it up’: Here are fintech’s biggest fears about Brexit Like every industry, London’s booming financial technology sector is having to adjust to life after Brexit.

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