Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas

The following is a book review by Stephen Burns.

I spent $150 on Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas to buy it used before this new version was published, and I have zero regrets about paying a premium to own this book. After reading over 150 books on stock trading and studying many of the greats, in my opinion Nicolas Darvas is one of the greatest stock traders there ever was.  No one that I am aware of has made more money in such a short span of time, while starting with such a limited amount of capital. His starting balance was only $2,000, yet his 1st stock quadrupled in a few months. Within a few years of trial and error, he turned $8,000 into $100,000 then finished out his final 18 months turning that into $2.4 million dollars. (This is about 13 million adjusted for inflation). He then cashed out because of a weak market and the lack of stocks meeting his trading criteria while avoiding the bear market of the early 60′s. On his journey he never lost any of his initial capital, only losing a portion of his previous winnings.

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