Wall Street Thanksgiving: Thank God I Still Have A Job

Every year we consider what would be the ultimate Thanksgiving day piece. The idea is that we would call all the big shots on Wall Street—or at least their flacks—and ask what they were grateful for this year. We imagine many of them would be thankful to the American taxpayers, who have become their biggest investors in recent months. Maybe a few would crack a joke or touchingly mention their families. In any case, it would totally fill up space on a day that is traditionally a blackhole for news.

But now it’s 2:00 EST, and no one is answering the phones. Everyone is taking off early for Thanksgiving, especially since there’s so much less work to do on Wall Street these days. Volume on the exchanges have dwindled to almost unnoticeable, down 20% on both the NYSE and NASDAQ.

So let’s crowdsource this instead. We want your answers. What are you grateful for this year? And what do you think Wall Street executives should be grateful for this year? Leave you answer in the comments section.

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