Here's how much the average Wall Street banker makes at each stage of their career

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  • Working on Wall Street tends to bring in a lot of money.
  • Salary-comparison site Emolument shared its estimates of average salaries and bonuses for Wall Street professionals at five different stages of their careers.

One of the big reasons many people go to work on Wall Street is that the pay tends to be very good. Here’s a breakdown of what budding Wall Streeters could make at different stages of their careers.

Business Insider reached out to salary-comparison website Emolument to get a better look at what professionals on Wall Street tend to earn. Based on information from 1,236 New York-area finance professionals, Emolument estimated the average salary and bonus for Wall Street professionals at the analyst, associate, vice president, director, and managing director levels:

Comp by positionBusiness Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from Emolument

While salaries increase at a solid clip as one progresses up the ladder, bonuses rise exponentially, with the average bonus for managing directors actually outstripping the average salary.

Looking at total compensation shows that rising to the top brings a big reward: While the average analyst in Emolument’s data set makes a healthy $US128,000 in combined salary and bonus, the average managing director makes a very impressive combined $US827,000, over six times the average analyst’s compensation.

Portia Crowe contributed to an earlier version of this post.

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