The Hottest Wall Street Movies Seem To Hit Theatres Right Around The Time Of A Big Stock Market Crash

If history repeats — and history has a funny way of doing that — then the release of Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” should warn investors of an impending market crash.

Call it the Hollywood Effect.

Maybe that’s a little strong, but Bond Vigilantes has a funny chart getting passed around today showing that popular Wall Street movies tend to correlate with stock market crashes (correlation doesn’t equal causality, but lighten up, it’s a fun chart).

Oliver Stone’s iconic 1987 film “Wall Street”? Boom, 23% correction.”Boiler Room” in 2000? Say goodbye to 46% on the S&P.

So will Martin Scorsese ruin the recovery? We’ll find out. Here’s the chart from Bond Vigilantes:

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