The 10 Wall Street Journal Readers With The Best Mustaches

Right now, the Wall Street Journal is inviting readers to Tweet them their mustaches using #wsjmustache, in connection with a trend piece on the rise of mustache transplants in Turkey (we strongly recommend you read the piece, by Joe Parkinson).

We’re always curious about what different readerships look like.

So we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves and dip into the Journal’s Twitter feed and see what they look like. 

Here are the results so far:

Something doesn’t quite match here:

This one’s a bit of a stretch:

This one would have been fine if he he’d resisted the apparently widespread urge to take selfies shirtless:

Not terrible:

This guy is apparently an actor. Pretty good:

Not sure what’s going on here:

This one and the following…


…appear to have been digitally enhanced — they should probably move to Turkey.

This guy’s got a decent 1850s vibe going:

And the hand’s down winner, which proves mustaches should belong only to Burt Reynolds and fighter pilots:

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