Take A Tour Of Wall Street Journal's $49 Per Month Professional Edition

WSJ ProHere is an image from their promo video.

Today, Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal launched their previously announced Professional Edition, an online-only service that costs $49 per month, or $600 a year.The paid site combines Wall Street Journal articles, Dow Jones real-time news and Dow Jones’ Factiva database, which includes 28,000 news and info. sources.

The service aims to be a middle ground for business professionals who need fast, specialised information about markets and business, but who don’t want to pay up for more pricey packages.

Robert Thomson, editor-in-chief of Dow Jones & Company and managing editor The Wall Street Journal said in a statement: “The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition combines the full power of our unmatched global reporting with a unique database. Users will be able to access this service without being tethered to a clunky terminal.”

Users can personalise their The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition, curating specific stocks, industries, companies and categories to get the latest news and stats on specific topics on their homepage. Editors also pick top stories and trends for key industries.

We poked around a trial version of the site and like what we see.

Take a tour of the Wall Street Journal Professional Edition >

Welcome to the front page, which includes WSJ articles, Dow Jones and Factiva info.

The paid service launched today. Here's a preview.

Another view of the homepage: Note the customisable box on the right and Factiva bar on top for easy searches.

My Pro: Here is where you can customise your homepage and settings.

My News: A personalised page.

Industries: The ones you care about.

Markets: Find graphs, articles and more real-time stats.

Saved: Where you can bookmark articles and info.

Editor's Picks: You'll also get top articles and trends picked by a team at Dow Jones.

Industries: Check out all the specialised industry sections.

Here's an industry topic page. Editors work on these.

More background info. from the industry topic page.

Search Factiva, WSJ and Dow Jones for info.

Alerts: Stay informed with keyword searches and get emails or other alerts when they appear.

Browse the Wall Street Journal in a clean format.

So what do you think?

Compare this service to what a Bloomberg terminal and can do.

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