Wall Street Journal Busts Down Its Paywall For A Day

WSJ.com is free for users to explore today, thanks to a sponsorship from Acura.

Breaking news and feature articles that would normally be behind the Wall Street Journal‘s paywall can be accessed for free during the one-day preview.

Ads on the front page and in article sections of the site read: “The Wall Street Journal Online is FREE Today. Explore the entire site and all its exclusive features.” At the bottom of the ad: “Brought to you by Acura.”

Honda Acura is promoting their new ZDX model.

The Wall Street Journal has had a close relationship with Acura in the past. In 2007, Acura and WSJ worked on a sponsored news section for the car company’s “Innovations for Life” campaign. The site integrated content from the Journal and video from AllThingsD about emerging trends and innovation. The site is still live, but hasn’t been updated since 2008.

Want to read the WSJ for free every day? Click here for a how-to guide!

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