Wall Street Is Worried About The Health Of Google CEO Larry Page

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Google’s CEO Larry Page missed yesterday’s Google shareholder meeting.

Google said Larry has a voice condition and was therefore unable to speak.

The company also announced, however, that Larry will miss next week’s big I/O developer conference and Google’s second-quarter earnings call. The latter two absences have Wall Street concerned that something more is going on.

Doug Anmuth of JP Morgan:Co-founder and CEO Larry Page was not present at the shareholder meeting. Google indicated that he had lost his voice and was unable to speak at the meeting, and also that he would not be speaking at next week’s Google I/O developer conference or the company’s 2Q earnings call. We have no specific reason to think there is anything more to Larry’s condition, but we find it odd that the company would already rule him out of the 2Q call which is likely still a few weeks away. We think this could raise some questions among investors. We note that Larry does not appear to have posted on Google+ since May 25.

Our first thought on hearing that Larry had skipped the shareholder meeting was that he just didn’t want to go to the shareholder meeting.  But three absences in a row like this, combined with the cessation of posting on Google+, does raise a question about what is going on.

This unfortunately also does recall sad memories of the vague announcements Apple once made about the health of Steve Jobs—announcements that absurdly underplayed the severity of his condition. (At one point, if we recall correctly, Apple explained Steve’s severe weight loss by saying he had some sort of “bug.”)

If Google hadn’t given a health-related reason for Larry’s absence, we might also have figured that he just wanted to take an extended vacation. He has certainly earned it. But we doubt Google would say what it did if that were the case.

We’ll look into this. More if we get it. …

And watch the video below to find out why Larry Page’s sudden health issues has everyone worried:

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