18 Ways Interns Can Waste Time While Still Looking Busy

intern park

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As Wall Street interns settle into their summer routines, things can get a bit dull. There just isn’t a constant stream of work, so they need to find creative ways to make the time pass.With websites like Facebook and Twitter blocked at banks, the strategies that college kids usually use to waste time are lost.

That means they need to get creative.

We’re here to help. Here’s a list of ways to make five o’clock come faster, while looking engaged and busy.

organise your desk and make sure that everything is perfectly in its place.

Make a mess during lunch so you have to spend the time wiping down your desk.

Thoroughly wash your hands and clean your nails every time you visit the bathroom.

Make that perfect cup of coffee in the office kitchen... several times a day.

Go to the park. If you're downtown, go to the water. But whatever you do, take your Blackberry.

Pretend that you have to slowly sip your cold coffee because it's scalding hot.

Day dream

Read the sports and lifestyle sections of websites that you're supposed to read, i.e. Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal.

Pay bills and schedule doctors appointments.

Eat food like you're OCD. Who says you can't eat an apple for 15 minutes?

Spend time on Seamless finding new restaurants and crafting the perfect meal.

Plan, down to the minute, what you're going to do once you leave the office or how you're going to spend the weekend.

Pretend like you're talking about serious matter with your intern friends.

Make spreadsheets of your personal finances.

Sort your e-mails into folders.

More Seamless fun! Come up with the perfect combination of items to maximise your allowance.

Check the office kitchen for leftovers.

Make a list of more ways to waste time.

Just make sure you don't do the following things>

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