The 32 Biggest Bonehead Mistakes Wall Street Interns Make Every Summer

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Editor’s note:  Last summer, two of our interns put together a great post on the biggest idiotic mistakes Wall Street interns make every summer.  Since the season officially starts tomorrow, we’ve decided to share this with you again. 

Summer internships on Wall Street are about to start, so with a little help from our friends at Wall Street Oasis, we created a list of possible offenses for interns, and we hope you aren’t found guilty.  

Some of these mistakes are quite obvious, though others aren’t. Either way, you’ll thank us after, because your chances of landing a full time spot will probably rise.

Plus, fewer co-workers will be laughing behind your back in the elevator.

Don't wear a bow-tie, even if the print is of pastel whales or fish.

Don't hit on the cute guy/girl intern in your group. This is unprofessional and at the very least, could make things awkward.

Never assume you're better than your co-workers just because you come from an elite school.

Don't wear nice watches. Your co-works will assume that you're spoiled or it's a fake.

Never talk about how you hate your internship or your co-workers. You never know who's listening.

Don't forget to clip your suit vents. Otherwise everyone who rides the elevator with you will laugh behind your back.

Do not wear French collared shirts. You're not Gordon Gekko.

Never wear cuff-links. If first year analysts don't wear them, then neither should you.

Don't tell your supervisor that you can't work late tonight because you have plans.

Never forget to carry your company-issued Blackberry and always make sure it's charged.

Don't forget to check for misspellings and punctuation in emails, even if your boss writes like a kindergartner.

Don't use your fake ID when your boss takes you out for drinks.

Never say that you just wanted to see what banking is like. If you do, kiss your full time offer good-bye.

Never brag about who you know or what you've done. Only discuss this when asked.

Don't wear white socks and don't tell your boss that you haven't had time to do laundry.

Don't forget to iron your shirt, even if you wear a suit jacket all day.

Please don't wear suspenders. Those are reserved for the guys who were around when they were cool.

Don't leave the office before your supervisor, even if that means you spend a few hours staring at the wall or surfing the net.

Don't flash around expensive brands in the office. You'll just come off spoiled. That means no Hermès ties or Gucci loafers.

Never chew with your mouth open at company get-togethers — you're not in your college's cafeteria.

Don't open your pay check in front of your boss. They already know how much it is and they don't want to see your pathetic reaction.

Never say that your favourite movie is Wall Street, even if it really is.

Don't hang out with or discuss your weird and obnoxious friends in front of your co-workers.

Never be the first person in the kitchen after the company email goes out that there's free food.

Don't try to shake hands with everyone you meet. It's just gross.

Don't slack off if your boss isn't in for the day. Ask other people if they have anything for you to complete.

Don't buy shirts that are too big. You swim in a pool, not a dress shirt.

Don't ask a person the same question more than once.

Don't bring gross bagged lunches from home. Nobody should have to smell what you just took out of the microwave, good or bad.

Don't wear any bright colours. You're not important enough to make a fashion statement.

Don't compete with the other interns to see who can get the closest to the dinner stipend amount on Seamless.

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