GOSSIP: Today's Wall Street Buzz In 60 Seconds

Yulia VizgalinaYulia Vizgalina’s home was robbed of $50 million in art and jewels.

Photo: Zimbio

New York hedge fund manager Vincent McCrudden was arrested last night at Newark. He’d sent really bizarre emails threatening to kill 47 SEC and other regulators. And just hateful ones to his former boss, who fired him. An example: “I know you take pleasure in being a slimy bastard.”37-year old John Arnold is down 4% this year, his first down year ever.

A Russian retail mogul and his supermodel wife had their home robbed of $50 million in art and jewelry.

Delta is revamping the passenger bump process, so that fliers bid in a silent auction before they arrive at the departure gate.

GroupOn is readying itself for an IPO. Morgan Stanley invested in the firm company this week.

Jamie Dimon doesn’t like using the acronym PIIGS to describe the European countries suffering from sovereign debt crises. Instead he uses GIPSI.

JP Morgan earned $17.4 billion profit in 2010, up 48% from the year before.

The SEC is investigating Citi, and private equity firms including Blackstone, over whether they broke bribery laws when they’ve dealt with sovereign-wealth funds.

Vikram Pandit is poised to report Citi’s first annual profit since he took over as CEO three years ago.

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