GOSSIP: Today’s Wall Street Buzz in 60 Seconds

Gisele 106

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BankingJP Morgan poached Drago Rajkovic from BarCap to run tech M&A. He’ll be based in San Francisco.

Tom Brady was on the Goldman Sachs trading floor today. It turns out his business manager is a VP at the bank, and he also represents Gisele.

John Paulson and Deutsche Bank penned a 1 billion dollar deal recently.

Hedge Funds

Commodity hedge funds Clive Capital and Astenbeck got clobbered by last week’s oil nosedive. Clive Capital lost $400 million;  this was their outlook before oil crashed.

John Burbank of Passport Capital explains why you should stick with gold.

Kyle Bass has gone long silver.


The GOP began a Wall Street offensive today. John Boehner is in town tonight; Eric Cantor will be at the NYSE tomorrow morning.

It turns out two of the owners of the horse that won the Kentucky Derby are financiers — one is a private equity and former Visa honcho.

FDIC Chair Sheila Blair is stepping down.

Once again, Larry Fink was the highest paid CEO on Wall Street last year.

Disruptions to the LIRR after the accident on the weekend are expected to continue through Wednesday. About 20 eastbound trains from Penn Station will be canceled and combined with other trains for the commute tonight.

Quote of the Day

“You could ask, why do we hold? Well, I was wrong. I found it very hard to believe the government would sell its stake below book value and right now AIG is trading at two-thirds of book value” — Bruce Berkowitz to investors on his flailing AIG investment.