GOSSIP: Today’s Wall Street Buzz in 60 Seconds


Maria LaChia

BanksJust when you thought you knew about all the Fed’s emergency lending programs, ST OMO pops up. The facility was run by the New York Fed in 2008 and Goldman, Credit Suisse, Deutsche, Merrill and others also borrowed tens of billions.

UBS is considering moving the bank out of Switzerland…

More bad news for RIMM: the banker exodus has begun. Deutsche Bankers can now get work email on their iPhones.

A strip club in London frequented by City bankers was shut down after police discovered the club was offering threesomes for cash, in a white limo used for sight-seeing tours.

Hedge Funds

David Einhorn owns the Mets! Partially. And if we’d been a little more on the ball yesterday, we would have realised it when he basically yelled it out at the Ira Sohn conference.

Admittedly we were distracted by the Ballmer-should-be-fired-from-Microsoft speech. And that aeroplane-II-clip-as-a-metaphor-for-the-fed video.

On the Einhorn-Mets beat. It was destiny — check out Dave’s Halloween costume from when he was 7 years old, courtesy of Dealbreaker. (On the costume, he doesn’t know where it is, but he’d like it back… if anyone’s seen it.)

Howard Mark’s latest investor letter is out. It’s titled: How Quickly They Forget.

Broader Banker Buzz

Updates on the DSK front.

Firstly, check out this photo Obama and lady Michelle meeting Strauss-Kahn for the first time: pretty funny.

Secondly, this morning the defence sent a letter to the D.A about leaks — which got leaked, surprise surprise — and said it had evidence that could be incredibly damaging to the alleged victim’s credibility. The D.A Office responded, almost just to highlight the hypocrisy of leaking a letter about leaks.

Thirdly, DSK has moved into trendy Tribeca for the remainder of his stay in (now) sunny New York. Not a bad alternative to prison…

Here’s the full story on the long-running feud between the billionaire Ambani brothers of India. The Prime Minister stepped in at one point, and the sibling rivalry has been blamed for huge power cuts.

rumour has it Erin Burnett may be slipping into the 7pm slot at CNN, dethroning John King.

Here’s a guide for partying in the Hamptons, courtesy of the New York Times.

A former NASDAQ exec pleaded guilty to insider trading. His job at NASDAQ — to investigate traders suspected of breaking SEC rules.

TPM got a cease and desist letter from the NYSE because they used a wire photo of the trading floor.

Non-Wall Street Bonus (but kind of bankery, because its Hamptons news)

This month’s Plum Hamptons magazine features Christy Turlington on its cover. The issue is being celebrated today at new East Hampton spot, the Beachhouse Restaurant.