GOSSIP: Today’s Wall Street Buzz In 60 Seconds

mila kunis


Mila Kunis

BanksGoldman Sachs acquired a new quant from SAC. Hopefully he stays put…

A survey of bankers revealed that at least 72% of them have cheated once. (And guess how much each rendezvous costs them…)

Deferred compensation on Wall Street is killing the Greenwich mansion market. This is one such victim.

Hedge Funds

Hedge fund queen Elena Ambrosiadou offers an explanation for why she spied on her employees.

Anthony Scaramucci will host a fund-raiser for Mitt Romney on June 6 at the Mandarin Hotel in New York. It will cost guests $2,500 each.

Tiger Asia lost 16% through May 15th primarily because of its short positions in Chinese stocks.

Rengan Rajaratnam is sending traffic to the eHow website on behalf of Raj.

Tomorrow David Einhorn, Bill Ackman and thousands of other investors will get together for the 16th Annual Ira Sohn Investor Conference at Lincoln centre. The Greenlight and Pershing Square honchos got the party started early, however. The pair, along with Michael Price, Joel Greenblatt and Seth Klarman, had to pick the winner of the inaugural Ira Sohn Idea Contest yesterday. The winner presents tomorrow.

Broader Banker Buzz

More bad news for DSK’s defence — reports have surfaced that connections to the former IMF chief tried to bribe the alleged victim’s family. On that note, if ends up in prison, he’s better off in New York than France…

Sen.Grassley is stepping up his probe of SAC; he sent a letter to the SEC today wanting to know how the agency responds to questions about the hedge fund’s trading activity.

Congressional Republicans voted to delay regulation of the derivatives market until September next year.

There seemed to be a consensus that Pippa Middleton was dating a London stockbroker. It turns out, his job may be much better than that.

Steve Schwarzman, Brian Moynihan and Carl Icahn partied together last night at the New York Public Library’s Centenniel Gala. Schwarzman is loving France by the way: “It’s wonderful to learn about new cultures and to be able to travel easily to so many countries.”

Intrade founder John Delaney died climbing Mount Everest.

Here: 5 brainteasers from Art Cashin that will make you feel stupid.

Steve Cohen might be out, but another trader, from Glencore, is sniffing around the Mets.

Non-Wall Street Bonus

When a pilot announced that a flight from Boston to La Guardia wsa going to be delayed from takeoff for 45 mins, Black Swan star Mila Kunis ordered a Bloody Mary.