GOSSIP: Today’s Wall Street Buzz in 60 Seconds

Bar Refaeli


Bar Refaeli.

BanksDid Goldman blow its intern recruiting this year? That’s the rumour…

They’re also tumbling on the NYSE.

On a more positive note, two young Goldman men were just given a very nice promotion at to co-head UK investment banking: Mark Sorrell and Anthony Gutman.

UBS hired Thomas Langford from Morgan Stanley to be its global head of energy investment banking. He was with Morgan for 17 years, and before that worked for McKinsey and Exxon.

UBS also lost two of its top investment bankers, btw.

Jamie Dimon on the debt ceiling: It would be a “moral disaster” is the U.S defaulted.

Hedge Funds

The man who made name for himself in tech startups, Peter Thiel, is now the anti-tech startup bull. So no Twitter for Peter.

FrontPoint is liquidating most of its funds.

Paul Arrouet of Marblegate Asset Management is a rose-giving romantic, it turns out. He’s getting hitched to Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan, next month.

Wiretap transcripts are giving us more of a picture about alleged insider trader Zvi Goffer’s business. He was totally psyched to work at Galleon for reasons to do with: Camouflage. And money.

Also, in case you ever need to destroy your cell phone…

Jonathan Siegel, formerly of SAC, was hired by Kingdon Capital as a portfolio manager.

Broader Banker Buzz

Warren Buffett cameo’d on The Office last night. We rated the performance AAA.

And onto the story of the decade, DSK. Today he was rejected by his new landlord, so will be crashing at his security guard’s for the time being. More on that former-Madoff-guarding security firm here.

Also, DSK may have attempted to rendezvous with a Sofitel receptionist the night before the alleged assault.

Plus his old employer, the IMF, is also now being accused of sexual harassment. I believe the exact words were: “It’s sort of like Pirates of the Caribbean.” Piroska Nagy concurs.

This Is A Clip Of Gene Simmons Appearing On CNBC And Yelling At People Off Camera,” courtesy of Dealbreaker.

The Feds refuse to pay for a Ferrari crashed by an FBI agent.

Non-Wall Street Bonus

Billionaire Paul Allen hosted a Cannes Film Festival bash on his superyacht this week, with a Brazilian theme. Supermodel and Di Caprio ex, Bar Refaeli, was there. So was Jane Fonda, Jodie Foster and Ryan Gosling.

Which former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model now has her own business worth $2 billion?

The Rapture may begin tomorrow.