GOSSIP: Today’s Wall Street Buzz in 60 Seconds

molly sims


Molly Sims.

BanksGoldman Sachs is back in top spot in the M&A league tables (by the value of the deals advised on) due to its work on Porsche’s proposed deal with German truck maker Man SE. JP Morgan slipped to second spot.

UBS’s head of wealth management in the Americas, Robert McCann, told Bloomberg’s Margaret Brennan that rumours of an acquisition by Wells Fargo are untrue.

The former CEO of RBS got a super-injunction to hide details of an alleged affair with a senior RBS colleague, allegedly.

Citi hired Trip Wolfe as a Managing Director and North America Head of Venture Capital Coverage in the Tech, Media and Telecoms group. It’s a new role at the bank. Wolfe was previously at Union Square Advisors, and before that BofA and Deutsche Bank.

Hedge Funds

SAC is opening a new quant fund. This is first new fund in six years for Steve Cohen.

Munib Islam, the former head of European equities at Highbridge, rejoined Dan Loeb’s Third Point, which he left three years ago.

A former Diamondback healthcare portfolio manager, Anthony Scolaro, pleaded guilty to insider trading last year, and has been cooperating with the government since. His plea deal was signed four days before the FBI raided the hedge fund.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn was granted bail today. He spends one more night at Rikers Island before he’ll submit to house arrest, with a new electronic monitoring device accessorizing his ankle.

Also, the indictment against DSK was released today. The final tally of charges: 7. And while we’re on the subject, even if he DSK is convicted, he’ll be raking in $250,000 from the IMF for the rest of his life as part of his pension.

Meanwhile the NYPD wasn’t totally convinced by the Sofitel’s justification for why it waited an hour to repor the alleged crime.

In other news of the sordid nature, more details are emerging on that crazy Munich Re. party.

LinkedIn IPO’d today. Jim Cramer is already over it.

Glencore also went public.

These are Wall Street’s hottest offspring… (in the BI’s opinion at least). Included: DSK’s daughter; John Mack’s daughter; and John Thain’s.

Non-Wall Street Bonus

On the Southampton-Memorial Day front: the “newest [clubbing] addition is Stephen Tedeschi and Gordon and Erik Von Broock’s South Pointe. The hot spot will occupy the former home of Tavern and RDV East, and be run by nightlife impresarios Jonathan Schwartz, Ben Greiff and David Marino.”

Tuesday night in New York… “Rain didn’t keep the beautiful and creative set from feting the Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction Benefit at the Chelsea Art Museum” on Tuesday. $600,000 was raised. Guests included Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick and model Molly Sims.